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Artist: Carlos Arbelaez

“I’m tired of hearing my brothers and sisters dying! I’m tired of hearing our mothers crying. Black Lives Matter and i won’t be silent”



There’s many pictures of men taking a stand but rarely of the women. In society, we assume because someone is quiet, they have no opinion but in-fact its the quiet ones that have so much to say but don’t  know how to express it because of how passionate they are. Some use social media, some participate in demonstrations. Every voice was heard, every action was felt this year. Sometimes that passion, society interprets it as ‘Being Crazy’ especially if it’s coming from a woman. ‘Being crazy’ has a negative stigma when in fact it should be seen as a positive. It’s so beautiful to see someone passionate about making a change in the world, about something they believe in. It’s beautiful to hear someone open their mind to you and you should support that.

“Men have had their time to be in control of the world, i think it’s the Women’s turn now”

I pray the volume of your voice is never lowered, i pray you never give up.

Black Lives Matter

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£ 400.00
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