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How ArtViaYou

is Bettering

the Art Community

ArtViaYou is a home cultivated by a community of artists that have transformed their artistic skills into a story, a memory and priceless pinnacle life moments. There’s nothing quite like the experience of creating work that looks to inspire, reform, and revive a passion for something like it’s the first time. Art is the embodiment of creating a picture that defines you, and here at ArtViaYou we look to continue to push this narrative forward. Our art gallery continues to uphold this prospect by ensuring our artists make effective connections with art buyers in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. We have a combination of urban, contemporary artwork that displays the importance of creativity, allowing your craft to become well defined. Whilst some people have no problem displaying mass-produced art pieces, the latter would also enjoy pieces that stand out and tell a story. By giving you this platform, you’re able to focalise more of your time on designing a piece that means something to you, without compromise.


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Artviayou Allows Buyers to Browse Unique Urban and Contemporary Artwork Buying art can be very personal. While some people have no problem displaying mass-produced art pieces, many would rather have unique pieces that stand out. It can be hard to know where to find that kind of unique contemporary artwork for your home or business. Artviayou makes finding show-stopping art pieces much easier!

By giving you this platform, you’re able to focus more of your time on actually creating art! We give you space to express your creativity without compromise. Artviayou will even keep you informed on upcoming events we host where you can showcase your art.

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Why Art is important?

Art is a practice that enables you to reconnect with your innermost self without restriction, whether you are greatly inspired by detail or the latter, a minimalistic, art is what you make it. You are the visioner of your own lens. Our job as a creative community is to help guide you through your journey, take your hobbies and turn them into revenue streams. ArtViaYou helps artists build their reputations without requiring any additional effort on their part; we believe in inclusivity on all different levels.

Our Main Goal

ArtViaYou is all about gradual growth and expansion. We have recognised the gaps in the art community and have appointed ourselves to provide a service which enables artists around the city to work together.

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ArtViaYou Buyers

A marketplace has been initiated for our buyers and lovers of art; we have assigned a particular section for our artists and buyers to collaborate whilst offering a variety of cultured and picturesque to choose from. A range of artwork is available and suitable to meet your requirements, whether you may be in search for a niche compilation for your home or a simple montage for your wall, head over to our marketplace and have a browse!