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Urban art has been around for over a century, when gangs during the 1920?s in New York added their designs to the sides of trains, walls, and cars through the art of graffiti. This powerful and artistic movement continued through the 21st century, and since then younger generations are experimenting with their artistic passions and expressing themselves through the power of urban art, contemporary, street, and cool graffiti art.

How do you buy art online?

It’s as easy as it sounds! With Artviayou you can purchase an array of artwork online simply by browsing through our large library, adding the pieces you love to your cart, and heading to the checkout. All you need to get started is an account with us, and your favourite Urban Art could soon be enroute!

I am a seller ? How do I list my artwork?

Artviayou is the leading online store to sell your artwork ? At our very core, we are here to support aspiring young artists get their art masterpieces online and shared with potential buyers across the UK. Coupled with our large buying-audience, it couldn?t be easier to sell your art online with us: With a monthly subscription of just ?7 a month, you can list an unlimited number of pieces on our site, or for one-off listings, just a 15% commission: Some of the lowest rates in the industry!