johnny macaulay

@ man of 1000 Illustrations

I have been a self employed artist for thirty years travelling internationally exhibiting my sculpture and paintings and performing my rock an roll clown shows under the name of Man of 1000 Farces. More work can be seen via instagram #manof1000illustrations and #manof1000farces...

Alwyn Isaac

@ Isaacart

I have been as an Artist for over 30 years and now work from home, in a small Welsh Valley town called Abercynon, not far from Cardiff and the South Wales coast. Although my Adopted town grew up and expanded through is surrounded by Beautifull countryside and places of interest...Gods Pocket....

James Lancaster

@ James Lancaster

Born 1951 in Leeds Yorkshire I attended Leeds collage of Art and was a member of Leeds painting and sketching for many years ....

Douglas Smith

@ Hallsmithdouglas

Hi I was committed to hospital due to a attempted suicide I have been suicidal since I was 12 I have alway took to art as a way of trying to understand myself working with mainly acrylics and sculpting with plaster of Paris...

Joseph ashwell

@ Joseph Ashwell

Nadeem Mansoor

@ Nmansoor

My name is Nadeem Mansoor. My best friend Mr. Terrence Storey lived next door from me and was a very famous oil painter for over 60 years. Sadly Terry as I called him passed away late 2018 at the age of 96. He painted for the Queen’s Mother, Prince Charles and a Prince in Sudan just to name a few commissions he did. Terry gave me many lessons in art and after my first lesson he said “N...

Jola Mroszczyk

@ Jola Mroszczyk

Chetan Katigar

@ antique0

was one of his favourite subjects at school, and although he has always so far worked in administration, he has started out with painting and totally loves the process. He creates figures of males and females and animals and the relationship between them. The love between couple, the affection for animals and the kindness for friends is what he tries to demonstrate...

Sean Coupe

@ Seancoupe

My journey as an artist is continually evolving and I am constantly looking to challenge my own perceptions to my own art practice. As an artist I take inspiration from the natural world around me. My work depicts the power and forces inflicted on the environment, the unpredictable motion of the ocean mid storm, the cascade of a waterfall or the ripple of a brook. 
I am drawn to shape and...

Maciej Kotarski

@ maciekirl

Carolyn Humphrys

@ Carolyn Humphrys

Nina Camplin

@ Nina Camplin

Mural artist specialising in trompe l'oeil. When I am not painting murals I like to paint local scenes and wildlife mostly using recycled canvasses....